Dmarc management report showing mail sent using on my behalf when I didn't send

dmarc management report showing mail sent using on my behalf when I didn’t even send a mail? Any explanation on this matter, please? I can give more information if it helps. Thank you

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It certainly would. Your domain name along with details about the DMARC report entry or entries that you are concerned about would be a good start.

The screenshot you included shows mosly DKIM aligned emails and all of them were relayed by MailChannels which is defined as an authorized source in your SPF record through the mechanism.

Your SPF authorizes which includes all of the source IPs shown in your screenshot.

If you sent email to anyone who uses email at either of those ISPs and they send DMARC reports, that explains why you would see them as the source of the reports. Nothing you have shown suggests thay they were the source of any email using your domain.

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If you have an option to switch away from Hostinger email to a relay provider who does not use MailChannels, it would improve your email security posture.


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