DMARC Management - can I receive weekly report notification emails

I am trying to learn more about DMARC. One of the new features is DMARC Management. I am dealing with the entire topic for many months already and it takes really a lot of time to understand. DMARC is the last one now, and it feels to me I start from scratch again.

I am challenging two free solutions as it’s for clients who are not spending a dime on such things.

My approach is, to enable monitoring and reports and learn with them.

I wonder if I can receive weekly notifications of the DMARC reports per email?

DMARC Management only works when the nameserver is pointing to Cloudflare correct?
(so if many clients don’t use Cloudflare, I anyway would need another solution, which I try to avoid actually to have a similar setup for everyone)

Hi @raabmar

As a standard notification, then we do not have a weekly DMARC management report

DMARC management will also only work for zones created in Cloudflare.

i suggest that you create a feature request for a weekly DMARC report.

Understood - thanks for pointing it out. I opened that feature request topic.

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