DMARC issues

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Googlemail has blocked a couple of emails sent from my domain due to a DMARC issue (See screenshot)

I checked some sites and one of them found three problems.

I copy and paste below:

3 warnings detected
The DMARC record is valid, but your domain’s None/Quarantine policy does not yet protect you from email phishing and phishing.
The DMARC record does not have the email address provided by EasyDMARC in the “rua” tag! If you want the platform to process and view aggregated reports, please register and let EasyDMARC manage your reports.

  • External verification error! To receive reports to the email "**", there must be a TXT record “v=DMARC1” published for the subdomain “”

Hello there,

Set it to reject

This seems to be tested at EasyDMARC portal. So, obviously, there’ll be such error in order to send the aggregated report.

  • Best suggested is: if you are testing the service there, you may manage the records there.
    Else, verify them manually or other portal.

Here’s a related thread for guide:

You may check here:

While that policy is often a desirable goal, I would urge caution, and not hastily implement such a strict policy without sufficient monitoring to ascertain the potential impact of the change.

The domain receiving the DMARC reports needs to authorize your domain to send reports. This means you must likely won’t be able to send reports to a free email provider account. An RUA can receive a lot of report emails. Confirming authorization limits the abuse potential. DMARC reports are not easy to read without the use of a parsing tool and are not typically handled manually due to the inefficiency. Best practice is to send them to a service such as Easy DMARC, dmarcian, or other DMARC monitoring service providers.

If you need to learn more about DMARC and have questions that are out of scope for the Cloudflare Community, I recommend the dmarcian forum.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I tell you that I got the report from Easy DMARC.

Attachment screenshot

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