DMARC issues on biz gmail account after updating DNS/TXT for Gmail?

I updated my DMARC record with a new TXT record in January according to the Kajabi guidance for Gmail email requirements. No issues. EXCEPT - I cannot send biz email from [email protected] to individuals with address. I repeatedly get messages that say " Message blocked Your message to [email protected] has been blocked. See technical details below for more information. The response from the remote server was: 554 5.7.5 Permanent error evaluating DMARC policy" – this does not happen when I send from my personal gmail account (didn’t change DMARC). I also do not see issues with folks from receiving my list emails (from Kajabi, return address is [email protected] ).
What am I missing?

What exactly did they guide you to add or change?

“Permanent errors” typically indicate issues with the actual DMARC record, such as e.g. an invalid syntax.

So what actual DMARC record do you use?

  1. The domain name BIZNAME.COM is not on Cloudflare.
    → So, … I’m not sure how the Cloudflare Community is relevant?

  2. The domain name BIZNAME.COM seems to have a perfect DMARC record?

I’m starting to think that BIZNAME.COM is not your actual domain, where this is issue occur, but an example in order to hide the actual domain, is this correct?.

If so, … what is the actual domain, where you have the issue, which you’re referring to above?

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