DMARC is it needed ? are host dns changes replicated to Cloudfalre

2 Issues -

Emails getting bounced back. Hosting Company say I should have DKIM, SPF and DMARC DNS records as it helps with emails getting rejected. I have added these both on the hosting Co DNS and also on Cloudflare DNS records.

Now question - the Hosting Company names servers are pointing to cloudflare - so if they make changes on their server will these be sync’d / replicated on the cloudflare DNS settings automatically or do I have to manually create them ?.

I have quite a few domains to update

No, which is generally safer, as you don’t want your host messing with your DNS records here (plenty of examples of that with Ezoic).

I feel your pain. Fortunately, it’s rare that I need to do this.

Thanks for that . I was just a bit annoyed that cloudflare hadnt picked up these DNS records. It has happened before as well. I change the name servers to point to cloudflare , then create the new domain account on CF and sometimes DNS records have been missed (and I never checked) it’s only until I get a problem and check that I realise something is missing.
And then I read earlier that DMARC wont do anything to stop being added to an email black list (as I;m on shared hosting) so one bad actor spoils it for the whole server , (I seriously need to update my DNS knowledge - but only ever use it infrequently :frowning:

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