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I have added a txt for dmarc for omnisend. After verified, it shows not found. Contacted omnisend and said the record is correct. Need help.

It’s definitely there:

But it looks like you have a DKIM record of the same name. That just doesn’t seem right. Your screenshot says to add the DKIM as a different TXT record.

Hi Brother

Yes there are 2 dmarc as below.

v=DMARC1; p=none

k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQC9obpZ7bk9aPqc3revXKTyQbGvY2rHpxKTfx6NuMTRcw+5/9CD41py7OOHqYp6RkNRx0/szPae0sNwnnGZGM8pe+fQIAPgrID4jg71f1o0IUMPzwdU1S9gUz78vcphS9QNDwCan9+M+irBZDAvwA4cdY0JAfHpYh8ae1nqBbUMAwIDAQAB

Please advice what should i do.


No, one is a DKIM record.

Both are TXT records, but (from your Omnisend screenshot) the “Name” for the DKIM record should be krs._domainkey while that for the DMARC should be _dmarc.

But you used _dmarc for both. You even have a 3rd DMARC record there.

Note that you can have only ONE DMARC record and ONE SPF record for the same hostname. But now you have multiple DMARC records and multiple SPF records (for Mailgun, Shopify, Google Workspace and even Cloudflare Email Routing).

This is really bad.

What’s more, you have configured MX records for Google Workspace, Mailgun, and Cloudflare Email routing for the same apex domain – when you should be using only ONE for incoming emails (possibly Google Workspace).

You really have a lot of mess on your hands that you need to clean up.

Omnisend and Mailgun both offer transactional email services. If you’re moving to Omnisend because your Mailgun isn’t working, this isn’t going to fix your issue unless you clean up your DNS records. And if you clean up the mess, then you can get Mailgun to work.

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