DMARC Entries

I understand that email sending requirements are changing today in regard to domain authentication so I have added DMARC entry in my DNS at Siteground, however they told me I have to also add it in Cloudflare.

I followed a helpfile to do this, but I am getting a ‘soft fail’.
I added a record using: txt / name and v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected] in the DMARC Management section.

As I have no idea what I am doing, would anyone be able to help with this please. Thanks, Debbie

Hi @debbie7,

You need to add the DMARC record on your DNS dashboard.

The DMARC management is a tool to MANAGE a DMRAC record. DMARC Management tool has no impact on your current requirement.

Please check this documentation to manage DNS records:

Thank you.

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