DMARC: DNS Record problem

I have set up the DMARC record 3 times. At the time of doing it, it seems correct, and using any checker, the record seems to have been set up.
But after 24/48 hours, this record is automatically deleted from Cloudflare.
Any idea what’s happening?

Thank you

Do you use Ezoic or another service that has access to your Cloudflare account?

You can see who is making changes in your audit log…


If I’m not mistaken, Ezoic has access to my Cloudflare account.
Is it possible that Ezoic is automatically deleting the log every time I do it?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

All DNS changes must be made from the Ezoic dashboard when you have given Ezoic access to your Cloudflare account. Ezoic overwrites your Cloudflare DNS records with the ones you configured in Ezoic. If you haven’t added your DMARC record in Ezoic, it will be deleted.

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