Dmarc - Approve button has since been removed?

I was in the in the process of moving to p=quarentine but i see that the approval button for unapproved sources has since been removed since last week.

Is this a temporary or permanent change?

obviously I can manually add them but it was a useful feature.

Hi there @user95011,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare Community, sorry to read that you’re experiencing difficulties.
As it stands it is a bit difficult to understand which option/feature you are addressing, but I believe it is DMARC management:

As it stands, this is what I see on my DMARC management dashboard:

If you can please elaborate a bit on your case with more details such as where that button was previously and exactly what procedure you were performing, I can reach out internally to the product team for more clarification.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

My apologies.

When you are looking at the Dmarc Management - Top 10 Sources , in the previous week the sources were split into approved and unapproved sources.

When clicking on one of the unapproved sources it would then show you all the IP addresses that were associated with for example amazon or google. There was a button that let you mark them as approved that would then automatically add those IP addresses to your SPF records.

That is no longer the case and all you see now is a list of the top 10 sources and doesn’t split them up between approved and unapproved sources.

I already mostly approved all the IP addresses or manually added them to our SPF records that are required for our domains but there are so many that needed to be set and there may be a lot more that need to be enabled. Most sources are passing DKIM or SPF or both so it should be fine.

It was just a neat/useful feature to look at all the unapproved sources and quickly click approve and have them instantly to our SPF records.


Hi there @user95011 ,

I’ve passed your feedback along to our Product team: the reason they took out that feature is because it was causing serious flaws in the approval process.

Anyway, your feedback is much appreciated and we shall continue to improve this!

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