Dmarc (and other email) record does not exist

i migrated my domain to cloudflare dns yesterday evening (eastern time). today i got a notice that my dmarc record does not exist. the same is true of dkim and spf.

how do i configure these records on cloudflare? they worked for years at my previous dns, whose records were migrated by cloudflare.

for dmarc i have the following:
Type: TXT
Content: the required content
TTL: Auto
Proxy status: DNS only

my suspicion is that google site verification is broken but i have not checked that yet.

If they’re not in your DNS list here, you’ll have to add them manually. If you need more assistance, please post your actual domain name.

for those wanting an article for creating a dmarc record in cloudflare, i used this one successfully:
How to Add DMARC Record in CloudFlare: CloudFlare DMARC Setup Guide - DMARCLY

the problem with my original listing is that Name should have been _dmarc - not mydomain. the record may have been corrupted in the migration which i am almost certain is the case.

so the moral of the story is, after migrating to cloudflare, verify with an online checker, eg mxtoolbox, that your email security records are correct. I need to fix the ones i listed.

What is your domain? Maybe we can trace your DNS history record for your domain and provide you your ex-dmarc record with the value as it was.

DKIM, DMARC ususally hard to migrate automatically because they aren’t have a general way to know.

for A, MX, AAA, CNAME. TXT we can query it from public. but for DKIM, they are a config on the mail server (some use mail._domainkey other use appname._domainkey etc) so you have to migrate manually.

For google verification, they are usually in a TXT records (as in anyone can do dig txt and see it) so cloudflare can usually migrate it, but that might not the case here.

Just migrate manually. Let us know your domain and we can help.

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