DMARC and Gsuite email

Not sure if our DMARC is set up correctly for use with Gsuite email. We just migrated to Cloudflare a short while ago. Here is the screen shot of DMARC Settings.

Does anyone have experience in setting up DMARC as it’s associated with GSuite email?

Or is this set up correctly?

Thanks in advance!

You are off to a good start. I applaud you for not setting a strict policy while just getting your feet wet.

You are likely going to want a better target for your aggregate reports than your own (or really any human’s) mailbox. They are best handled by a DMARC reporting service, as their contents are not crafted for direct human consumption. You will want them to be parsed and presented to you in a more meaningful fashion.

As DMARC beyond the DNS element easily drifts off-topic for the Cloudflare forums, I recommend the dmarcian forums for your inevitable out of scope questions.

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