DKMI not aligned


this report says my DKMI is not aligned. Can you please help me to adjust this in order that the error is gone? Thanks for your support.

What report?

In order for DKIM to be (properly) aligned, you need to have your messages DKIM signed with a signature where the public key reside on a DNS record belonging to the same organisational domain you have in your From: header.


DKIM-Signature: [...];; [...]
From: "John Doe" <[email protected]>

and holding a public key at the DNS TXT record of {selector}

If your message is DKIM signed with a signature from a complete different domain, e.g.

DKIM-Signature: [...]; d=example.ORG; [...]
From: "John Doe" <[email protected]>

and holding a public key at the DNS TXT record of {selector}._domainkey.example.ORG

The signature here in this example, belongs to example.ORG, which isn’t identical to your From: header domain, which is example.COM.

There will therefore no longer be a proper alignment, even though the DKIM signature is valid, because there is no connection to the original organisational domain used in the From: header.

DKIM signing is made on the mail server sending the message, as such, you need to talk to the email provider you are sending your messages out through.

But the should give you a glance at what the problem really is.


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