DKIM - на работает!

How to register a DKIM record in your service ??? I tried to register but gives this error:
Send instructions or add yourself to me in dkm records DKIM. It is not possible to work without it … Ilut letters to spam !!!

It says your message was not signed with DKIM. Only your mail host can add the DKIM signature to your outbound message.

And to add the DKIM record in DNS, you need to get that information from your mail host. Then add the TXT record here:

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пришлите пример правильно заполненной записи DKIM

send correctly filled DKIM record

This is what it looks like to enter one, but you need to get the key code from your mail host. I have cut out the middle part of my key in the picture.

and I have this:
Name * key1._domainkey
Content *
k = rsa; p = MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCfb4o1Nu9rrvZ5hLZhMO1bT15YwK5bUbdW244KZoIbr2MQYxrohQTNcyCVs5R2 + Omh9Av1lPJai3hq1qih64ROlU48uPq41WpAb6ioP5tV + GxetYs53oCd8a8ySYQ0zbqJqQ + SMgfQE6QIxnFMn + wm4vMvrFEJ1F5rvm0CrGH5FQIDAQAB

what did I enter wrong?
created DKIM via

You’re missing the v=DKIM1; at the beginning. I also don’t know why there are so many spaces in yours, but mine doesn’t have any spaces, except after each ;