DKIM won't authenticate - Google Workspace

Hi all,

I cannot authenticate DKIM on my Google admin console though the key is well added on Cloudflare DNS or at least as per the steps recommended by

I use SMTP plugin on my website and is set up with Brevo so I have 2 x DKIM records added on my DNS as individual TXT.

When I use the SMTP plugin tool it says the email was successfully sent. However, I have been reported by some clients that they have found my emails on their spam folders.

I have used also this tool:
and it says that DMARC is passed, but that DKIM is not aligned.

I have also used this tool: mxtoolbox
Here it says that DMARC is not enabled. So I changed the p:none to p:quarantine, but I keep getting the same warning: DMARC not enabled.

I don’t know what else to do. It is all very confusing and frustrating.

Can anyone here help?

Sorry I cannot share my domain url.


Well, unfortunately how else could we troubleshoot and provide some more feedback information about the issue? :thinking:

May I ask if you are using WordPress in such case? :thinking:
Is the SMTP plugin configured as a “general sent out” emails, meaning it would sent out emails via origin host/server per configured hostname like

Are you also using a separate plugin like Mailchimp for the “Brevo” service?
Therefore, meaning any email sent out from WordPress would ignore the “brevo” SMTP hostname, also the DKIM, and just use the as SMTP handler.
In other words, if you’re using Google Workspace it’ll be you’d be using Google SMTP (wrong one?) instead of the correct “brevo” one for sending emails?

For sure you can use both, it’s just a bit tricky as it seems to configure the settings and you’d have to have all the DNS records in place, if so.

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Hi Fritex,

Yes I use WP and the SMTP plugin. I see the following activated:

Force From Email: ON
If checked, the From Email setting above will be used for all emails, ignoring values set by other plugins.

Mailer selected on SMTP plugin: Brevo

For BREVO service, I use their plugin:
Newsletter, SMTP, Email marketing and Subscribe forms by Brevo


Transactional emails
Activate email through Brevo - No


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