DKIM with namecheap and cloudflare

Hello there,

Has anybody here managed to add DKIM record with namecheap and cloudfare?

  • I can simply not find anything useful for how to manage this, I can’t find anywhere on namecheap panel to generate the needed DKIM information,

Any help is appropriated

That’s a question best for Namecheap’s support. They must know which values you need.

I agree, but no one can provide me with the needed info, namecheap support just forward me to a KB about it, but it doesn’t tell me where and now to generate it, namecheap support is pretty useless.

So was hoping someone here had managed to set it up.

I understand the issue, the only thing is this forum is intended for Cloudflare issues. Also DKIM records are domain specific.

Simply bugger them again and if they do not want to provide support I would consider changing mail host. You pay them after all.