DKIM verification set up error 2


I am getting this error when trying to complete DKIM verification for email sending.
“Cannot create a non-glue record that is beneath a delegated child zone. (Code: 89018)”.

I have followed every tutorial I could find googling, but nothing works.
Here are the records that need to be set up. I noticed that if you remove “._domainkey” from the Name box it goes through but does not verify later on.

Here’s what Klaviyo (an emailing service using SendGrids systems. I don’t have a SendGrid account) needs me to enter into DNS settings

Here’s the error that shows up when I try to save these settings.

What’s the domain and for which record did you get that error message?

The domain is

And the records are:
cname kl._domainkey
cname kl2._domainkey

You have set up a sub-domain You will either need to drop the NS records or set up the records in question with the other nameservers.

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What do you mean by that?

That that domain is managed by those other nameservers and you either configure it with them or remove the NS records in question and configure it on Cloudflare.

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You most likely best choose the first option I mentioned and drop the two NS records on the DNS screen. Then you can set up the other records.

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