DKIM verification faliure

Unable to verify DKIM of Zoho mail in Cloudflare even after Cloudflare showing success with green ticker after submission. What am I missing? .

Please post a screenshot of your DKIM DNS record here.


If you scroll down a bit, are the Cloudflare Nameservers set to Jason and Leah?

You are missing a . in the second record:


I checked without the period and it didn’t resolve.

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Yes ! They are.

Like this ? Done !


Ack! I forgot to check this earlier, but your DNSSEC is broken. I suggest you turn it off at your domain registrar.

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That’s too many _domainkeys.

Should be:

I did this few mins back tho. Anyways ! DNSSEC setup process cancelled & config deleted at hostinger domain panel.


Looks like it’s working now.

Yes ! I deleted the old DKIM key and generated a new one with 2586 bit instead . Thanks for assistance .

Is DNSSEC & DS record still required at hosting domain panel. CF Diagnostics shows 3 errors still.

Leave all DNSSEC off for now.

Ok ! Can you delete my post ? Thanks