DKIM TXT Records Not Showing Up

I’ve created a TXT record on Cloudflare for my domain, but when I do a DNS Lookup the record is not showing up. I created the following DKIM record, and I can’t verify it. Any insight or help would be appreciated.

v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAlqvA+TVzNt+1CNNJ+h9fSu2wtThe4zCt42ITGIikPO2D+fb8fWAiXxADtTqCj8iMnJcj+gn4erEcqHuMT7Znf2+p2sYfKQ29sqdRgoELShy3GKmIaOexPgNX1cT6MrOfs2Fa1kcJjyyiu2Z1+CUAHNJ+O9PaEC9WKfgXLPm1bSOXXoiER2ssun0jTT/KC7imPKrIgUam+nUxeNPXYzgDJmgKGv1IXunltH2AVHT2SjQhMHSnIeT42UWtR2VR5dn0y/ISFd66VZ7NBVfQHsno7Rbh/vVIUgsHf4WsqWW0R17coLXIbBFuoXOOaXV3+EQni4WAKJOGsk5m/JiJqS+o/wIDAQAB

It seems to exist fine for me:

Were you perhaps looking up an A record instead of TXT?

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Where did you check this from? If I do this from a Windows Command Prompt I don’t see.

That’s very likely a problem with whatever resolver your Windows machine is using.

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Shows fine in local dig, and then I gave links to mxtoolbox (which has a dedicated utility for looking up DKIM records), and then DNS Checker.
If you’re using nslookup, make sure you specify the type, and use a public resolver like (could be your default ISP-provided Resolver caching the record), ex

nslookup -type=txt

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