DKIM signature record for Emails in DNS records of Domain?

Hi, I am facing Email deliverability issues and found that the DKIM signature record was missing from the DNS records. So I added the DKIM record to the DNS records, but it still shows that the DKIM signature is missing.
Please advise me on the next steps to correctly set up the DKIM signature record for my Domain and Emails.

(I am using GoDaddy as my Mail Server and Cloudflare to manage my DNS records)

DKIM signing is supposed to be done by the sending mail server, if it supports it and is configured to do so.

With the DKIM signature missing, there will be absolutely nothing for receivers to verify.

As such, you will have to contact the mail provider you’re using, to send your messages, for further assistance on how to enable the DKIM signing on their platform.

According to this one, it would be Go Daddy you need to contact.