DKIM Signature and Name Server Issue

From Yesterday I’m having issue with name server change :

Issue 1 : Spam Test Result
Couple months everything was fine with mailgun mail server and Cloudflare. But now the mail tester shows " Your DKIM signature is not valid" issue. So, I change name server to namecheap for quick solution.

Issue 2: But couple of hours gone my client knock me that site is not showing. So, I change name server again to Cloudflare.

Issue3: Now my site not visible from some other country.


Cloudflare diagnosis shows some error but I don’t know how to fix this.

Please, guide me how to solve my issue 1 and issue 4.

DKIM is something you should address with your mail host, Cloudflare will publish the records you specify but does not proxy outbound mail.

You can ignore the DNSSEC ‘errors’ on the diagnostic test as you do not have that set up.

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