DKIM showing ok in GetResponse, but failed DKIM test

We added the DKIM for our GetResponse account last week, and it shows in GetResponse as green/verified/authenticated.

But we did an independent test of our email and the DKIM failed.

We contacted Get Response, and they said it was an issue with Cloudflare (screenshot).

Any help is greatly appreciated, we have no idea how to fix the DKIM so it passes the test.

Thank you.


This shows GR showed it was ok

Could you test your email with and link the result here?

It is not possible to know what’s wrong without actually sending an email.

Tools like mxtoolbox can only check if the record is syntactically correct.


Hi, thank you for your help. I did send an email to the site you suggested, the screenshot was the response.

When I pulled up the “DKIM” that just told us the same information, that there was an error in the DKIM, which is what we’re trying to fix.

This was the second email send test we did saying the DKIM failed.

It said " Your message is not signed with DKIM"

So it’s some kind of DKIM issue with Cloudflare, any help as to how to fix that is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


That sounds like it’s saying your sending mail server isn’t signing the messages with DKIM, which is a separate thing from the DNS setup at Cloudflare. Can you view full headers of a test message and see if it actually contains a DKIM signature?


For the specific test message on, that is the actual problem.

It contains no DKIM-Signature headers.

Question is, … what is your exact relation to Microsoft Office 365 / Outlook?

They do have some limitations in regards to DKIM signing, depending on which package you’re running on, and how it has eventually been purchased.


Thank you for your responses.

I don’t know how to “view full headers of a test message and see if it actually contains a DKIM signature” - I’m happy to do that if you can just tell me how.

We use Microsoft Office, via GoDaddy, they do our email.

Is there a setting in Microsoft Office or GoDaddy I need to update regarding DKIM?

Please let me know what other info you need, thank you.


You don’t need to, that’s what the test was for.

However, I think there is some confusion here. In your initial post, you said you wanted to configure DKIM for GetResponse, but the test email you sent was from your GoDaddy/Office365 email, not from GetResponse.

Could you repeat the test, but this time do it via GetResponse?

Fixing your Office365 email is probably also a good idea, have a look at this:

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Thank you for your help, I believe we’re all set, I just contacted GoDaddy (before I got your response, thanks for that link) and we added it to our Microsoft account.

The GetResponse is all set, they confirmed all is fine and working on their end.

Setting up the GR and testing our email to make sure it was working was how we found the issue. GR sent us that screenshot I included that shows it’s fine on their end, and thanks to everyone’s help we fixed the GoDaddy/Microsoft portion.

Thank you all so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I so appreciate all the help.



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