DKIM settings for Zendesk

Can you verify how you can add the records correctly; as of this time, the DKIM is still not propagating.
Link below to screenshots Egnyte

Can you visit the DNS page on your Cloudflare account and cofirm that you assigned nameservers are tony and journey?

You can reach that page via this link:

Sure, I updated the link with a screenshot of the name servers… and they do show as tony and journey

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Ha! That second screenshot of the DNS makes the error really obvious. Thanks.

Your zendesk keys are currently being served at the wrong label. Your zendesk[1,2] records are missing part of the name.

Replace them with zendesk1._domainkey just like the formatting in the mandrill record.

Just updated it, see v2 image in original Egnyte link

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If you are trying to set them for your apex domain ( and not a subdomain ( or, etc.), then both look good.

% for n in 1 2;do;dig txt zendesk$ +short;done     130 ↵
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