DKIM settings are fine but Gmail FAILS it

hello there!

DKIM settings are fine but Gmail FAILS it. I need help from Cloudflare to understand what is going on regarding Clouflared and my DKIM settings, since my server says they are fine. But Gmail wont validate it. And my server support tells me i should contact Cloudflare to check what is needeed to valitade my DKIM with Gmail, since the key is fine.

Maybe someone from the community can help me?

domain is and dkim selector is mail._domainkey and key is
v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAvZvePqEFxhXvnqfTjF4RT1GvDjKWOm59oFlWPaSTy6bEgmHiYILfHpnvxKqv8Ibk1hgJxEBCKm+/mywuvAeXOJp39VOJrt5RqUFQdpBRWrmirDkNJhP/N8MRziKNytL2xpUZCsFDqqWsEH8vrUdnP1hFyEt0Jj/P2z9ZUJc+3DEOD/WT92Am3pUHeuETS9MznRf7Hw11WYVbkgXfjffMmgyxhT7jCLJbgJkpC5vlpv6lfBDWkDEREscfcQqnAes+CDNGdfvsL+4It2v0r5liv6Bttveg7IqbkuJ7l/aUzU1NQ0UoyBM+B1m5eYoQTLhviSd1SI6qnxtGL5po68TVLQIDAQAB

Thanks in advance!

That’s not exactly a Cloudflare related question, but rather something for Google’s support.

Though, you do seem to have a record for but if I understand Google correctly, that should rather be

Again though, that’s rather something for Google than here.

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