DKIM selector2 is not working/resolving

I am trying to implement Dmarc/DKIM. Email is by M365. Sent out via Barracuda.

I have created the DKIM records as directed by MS. However when doing a lookup on selector2 it is not found. Both selector1 and selector2 have been created identically in Cloudflare but 1 resolves and 2 does not.

Can anyone suggest a resolution.

In Cloudflare you’ve created CNAMEs?

I think I’ve seen it elsewhere before where Microsoft only generates one of the target records at their end. I recall rotating the DKIM keys in the Microsoft 365 settings may fix it so you could try that.

If not, what is the domain name?

thank you. had created the cnames in cloudflare. he issue was as you mentioned and once rotated the DKIM keys in the MS tenancy all was resolved.

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