DKIM selector for cloudflare

What is the DKIM selector for Cloudflare? For example, for Google Workspace it is But what is it for Cloudflare? Thanks in advance for your time.

Cloudflare does not offer email services like Google Workspace.

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Maybe I didn’t express myself correctly. I apologize. I meant that my domain was bought from Cloudflare and that’s where I add my DNS records. Ah, right now my email is hosted on Google Workspace. What I should have added to the Cloudflare kato DKIM record is I would like to host my own mail server, but I’m not sure what I should replace the selector with.

Cloudflare does not offer any outbound email service and does not DKIM sign your email.

You will need to refer to the DKIM instructions of your mailserver. If you will be administering your own mailserver software, you will be responsible for configuring the DKIM signing and naming the selectors. You will also need to create your own DKIM public keys to publish in your DNS.

If you are using another service like Google, you need to consult their documentation.


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