DKIM return with quotation!

Hi, I’ve used DKIM record and used the suggested by CPanel but found some issues when email outgoing, I’ve contacted CPanel Support team and they reported that record is splitted and there is a quotation that split the key, but I am sure I’ve retyped it many times and ensure it has been written without quotations but unfortunately, it return splitted when using
dig -t TXT +trace
Any suggestions?

Looks fine to me in several tests:

Can you show what you mean by a split DKIM record? All the above tests return one complete DKIM record.


It seems to be a valid format but that doesn’t mean it’s good. From where are you specifically seeing the issue and have you tried a copying and pasting the default selector records?

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Here is the DKIM value as created
v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAu/O2TPUrdjF0PtMTlxRbkYuiHrz+j4he6rGbJ/3EKNqxnPvi5Ros5LjX6UJqgos6FCNTOdr1AMdxKFpRqRqp4PM0+63rUoSFb2nJD+Vy0Y0rewcVpLRxvH35JFsg0zUbc/LxbeT2q4aJYl+nu/0XP1oGt4TvXApFqGp+0mEr6zTH3ClkrxOxjLGBhvCZm60V1dIvZNWGuSv3oPaKmkO9iG2QsjLPjYpJVArE/eZ/IVXXGi9MGYud7SR7YP+FZD9aZbm5VdA0hDpQCpZkIO+lUhQHwh7rivwejfCziQvXXgXJ9FPodxZDuLTDqmQ6j4rFCOtsRqdtoJWOeyeKo5R3GQIDAQAB;
While when using dig -t TXT +trace
it returns 300 IN TXT “v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAu/O2TPUrdjF0PtMTlxRbkYuiHrz+j4he6rGbJ/3EKNqxnPvi5Ros5LjX6UJqgos6FCNTOdr1AMdxKFpRqRqp4PM0+63rUoSFb2nJD+Vy0Y0rewcVpLRxvH35JFsg0zUbc/LxbeT2q4aJYl+nu/0XP1oGt4TvXApFqGp+0mEr6zTH3ClkrxOxjLGBhvCZm60V” “1dIvZNWGuSv3oPaKmkO9iG2QsjLPjYpJVArE/eZ/IVXXGi9MGYud7SR7YP+FZD9aZbm5VdA0hDpQCpZkIO+lUhQHwh7rivwejfCziQvXXgXJ9FPodxZDuLTDqmQ6j4rFCOtsRqdtoJWOeyeKo5R3GQIDAQAB;”
And I am with CPanel technical guy where he has told me it causes DKIM signiture doesn’t attached with outgoing emails

remote the quotes at the “v=DKIM1 and at the end B;"

They are removed in TXT record, but when retrive it with dig command they came with \ "

Also they separated at the middle with "

The DKIM signature that’s attached to outgoing email is not the DKIM key in DNS. They’re not connected, except at the receiving end for verification.

Can you elaborate on what the “issues” are for outgoing email?

The issue is DKIM Signature isn’t attached to outgoing emails, and when I’ve discussed that with CPanel technical team they saied it cause Cloudflare retrieve splitted value for DKIM, I’ve tried hard to find the required way to enter the value of DKIM but didn’t solve the issue, while all tested tools online return success for the record, what do you suggest?

I can confirm that a cPanel account will attach a DKIM signature even if DNS doesn’t have a DKIM key.

So I think something’s wrong with DKIM for that cPanel account.

Sure, that what I believe, but CPanel guy say it is a dns faulty! … If it is not then I will focus on CPanel side and dig deeper to find why that happen, thank you.

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Finally it has resolved with CPanel technical guy, and the issue was in exim configuration from Godaddy preconfigured exim with CPanel, where the following found

driver = manualroute
route_list = !+local_domains
transport = remote_smtp

while it has to be in last line like this
transport = dkim_remote_smtp

now everything working well :smiley:

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