DKIM require CNAME

Someone has reported this to be spammy!?

Im trying to get a problem solved and the community report it as spam, what is this!?

I need to set a CNAME (it must be a CNAME as im toldd) for But that does not work so I did as you say (Cloudflare) and use txt instead, but that does not work with microsoft. So what should I do?

That domain is not using Cloudflare DNS or proxy services.

Thats is Microsofts domain not mine, the one handling the cname (DKIM) record. My domain use Cloudflare. And my mail provider tells me that it should be 2 CNAME records looking lik this (with my domain in the domainGUID and initialDomain of course):
Host name: selector1._domainkey
Points to address or value:selector1-._domainkey.
TTL: 3600

Host name: selector2._domainkey
Points to address or value:selector2-._domainkey.
TTL: 3600

The above comes from my mail service provider and Microsoft refers to this documentation:

Also the spf record does not work.

These should go in like this:

(You should take the opportunity to upgrade to 2048 bit keys as described on that link.)

For the SPF record, add a TXT record, setting the name to be @ and the content set appropriately. If you only use Office 365 to send email the content would be v=spf1 -all

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