DKIM reported present, but can't be deleted or updated


I recently installed Cloudflare for my domain and the DNS records were automatically transferred. But now my mail provider complains that the DKIM record is gone. But when I go to install it in Cloudflare, it reports the record is already present (error 1004), but does not list it with the other DNS records (MX, TXT).

I sum, I cannot delete, see or add the DKIM record, and my mail provider reports it is missing. Smells like a bug to me.


What is the domain name? I presume it’s there and you looked in wrong place within the list… a screenshot of the DNS records (blur or cover everything you don’t want public) may also help. Have you tried searching for domainkey in the DNS list?

There are only 6 entries, and you can’t scroll. If it was there I would see it! The domain is

Yeah, in case there are only 6 I would guess so :sweat_smile:

The record should be, correct? It doesn’t seem to be there, I guess at this point, if the record I put here is correct, it would appear to be a bug even though I suspect it wouldn’t be automatically imported given it’s a third level subdomain…

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

Ok, I have contacted support for this. Thanks for your help anyway.

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For future reference, a way to work around the issue is as follows: create the DKIM entry with any hostname value (e.g. @), then change the hostname after creation to the desired value.

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