DKIM records Office 365

I want to enable DKIM in Office 365 but the records are recognized by Microsoft.
I read some post about this on this forum, but none of them gives a (working) solution.

I can’t enable or disable the ‘orange cloud’ since it is not visible on the 2 CNAME records.

I have added those 2 records. (I changed my domain guid to domain-com and initial domain to initial-domain

TTL: Auto

TTL: Auto

I have added them with an ‘grey cloud’. But since I can’t change that I believe that is not working on those records. (I have read that the records are automatically recognized as an domainkey)

What is going wrong here? For an other domain I have changed the nameserver to Microsoft, so it isn’t using Cloudflare anymore, but for this domain I want a kind of flexible DNS (with the API) so moving is not an option.

when you dig remotely on the nameservers do you find the records but microsoft doesn’t?

Just to verify, its supposed to be

and not


The Cloudflare CNAME record should look like the following:



and when you dig using TXT, you should see the key.

Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can share the domain.

Jep, and that is exactly what I use :slight_smile:
Only the domain after selecter1-[…] uses dashes (instead of points).

Yep, I used Dig (DNS lookup)
And this is what I got:

id 56378
opcode QUERY
flags QR RD RA
;AUTHORITY 299 IN SOA 1 3600 300 2419200 300

Then the issue is with Microsoft not able to resolve the records.

Try to get in touch with MS support and check why they’re unable to resolve the records from their resolves

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Is the domain? If so, the NS is pointed to and and it seems that the domain is listed as for-sale

And what’s the It might help us better if we have the right domain or you can create a new service request as @bashar mentioned. Takes no time to get a call back from Microsoft support.

Nope that is the initial domain and it is not .com (I forgot to change it…) should be, of course, only -com. I will change my reply and open an ticket by Microsoft.

If possible, please share the solution when your all fixed up or let us know if you need more help.

I will do!

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