DKIM record validated but emails land to spam folder

Seems like I’ve created all necessary records for emails to send:

  • Records pointing to Hostgator for email function to work
  • MX record and A record
  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC validated via mxtoolbox
  • DKIM function is enabled on Hostgator

The only problem is: I get email sender score of 6 and it shows problem- DKIM as failed
Did several test and all emails I send to yahoo, hotmail, outlook goes straight to spam folder.

Contacted Hostgator support and they directed me to ask here, they are claiming problem is on cloudflare side

I’ve send emails via Hostgator cpanel aka (webmail)

Anyone can help to sort this out?

Give a try. It should show you any deficiencies.

yes, tried already, this is where I’ve got email sender score

Ok, so there’s a DKIM problem. Though you said that DKIM was validated. Also give a try. Other than that, this really isn’t a Cloudflare issue, other than Cloudflare hosting your TXT records.

dkim is valid

Hey @mantinisbox

Can you please send me an email at reputation @ and I’ll get my support team to take a look and see if it’s on our side or not? I work for HostGator as a Customer Advocate so I can get some more attention on this for you. Please include the primary email address on the account and the best phone number to reach you in your email. Thanks so much!

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just send you a message

Hey @mantinisbox!

Got the email. I’ll be responding with a case # shortly. Thank you!

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Just got a response from Hostgator and what they say is kinda true:
Yes, you can send email to any address and deliverability depends on many factors.
Being on shared hosting plan I can’t use just one or 2 IP’s and all of the emails are send via welcomewebsite servers (which are 10 IP’s rotating- correct me if I’m wrong).
That being said in my situation I use getresponse as my email autoresponder to send emails and have to add spf as well , which makes my record look like this:
v=spf1 mx a ~all
Now all spf tools analysing, show I have too many DNS lookups, because 10 are coming from hostgator (aka websitewelcome) and 5 coming from getresponse- this makes my spf invalid. (max 10 is allowed)
Invalid spf leads to DMARC fail at some point, because you can’t really authenticate domain and assign rules like: reject or quarantine (only possible value “none” for monitoring).
Overall I am in some sort of closed loop here :smile:

BTW thanks @ HG-Customer-Advocate for help

Email associated with domain used not only for bulk emails to send newsletters:
website contact form and private communications with PR, other website owners or my contacts on email list separately- this is the reason I’m trying to make high sender score to write via webmail (Hostgator cpanel) inline working with autoresponder (in this case getresponse).

This is definitely not a Cloudflare setting problem. You might have to investigate other services to manage your email and configure your autoresponder and email to use that single SMTP.

it all started when Hostgator customer service directed me to ask here, because they were refusing do do anything else apart from telling: you must know what records needs to be added
And yes you are right at some point: this is not Cloudflare problem

However everyone with the same setup might have same or similar problems and Cloudflare community is big enough to discuss these IMHO.

We all know there is an option to get dedicated server to have that one IP, or upgrade email autosponder plan in order to “unlock” the feature for dedicated IP (which seems expensive with getresponse in my case).

Just want to sort out: what’s possible with shared type hosting and existing setup/ how it works…

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