DKIM record not working with Active Campaign

I added a DKIM TXT record from Active Campaign to Cloudlflare DNS.

I was expecting this to eliminate the “[email protected]” in emails sent for me by Active Campaign and replace it with “reply- [my domain].”

Active Campaign says the problem is with how the records are set up. They sent me this link to show the problem.

However, checking DKIM for my domain on, produces this result:

SPF check

No SPF entry found for the domain

DKIM check

DNS record for


Key length : 1024

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

That’s right, you do not have an SPF record configured. For that you should create a TXT record for “@” and provide the value as provided by your host.

You do have a DKIM record though

nslookup -type=txt
Address:     text =


Question is if that value is correct, but that’s something only your host can tell you too.

Not sure they know what they are doing, as they checked for a URL instead of your domain as evident from that part


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Thanks for that, sandro.

The DKIM is provided by Active Campaign (my email marketing provider).

My host (A2Hosting) said to not to put the DKIM record in their DNS records, but only on Cloudflare.

Active Campaign has confirmed that the DKIM record in Cloudflare is correct. (I sent them a screenshot from the Cloudflare DNS page.)

Do I need to put an SPF record in Cloudflare for the email setup to work? Could that be the problem?

That is correct and that’s where it is.

I am afraid that’s really something you need to clarify with your mail provider. If you need an SPF record you’d need to configure that on Cloudflare’s side according in way mentioned earlier but apart from that possible TXT record Cloudflare would not be involved here.

SPF itself is explained at Sender Policy Framework - Wikipedia.

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