DKIM record not propagated for over a week

My emails are being rejected due to being marked as spam. I contacted Namecheap and they told me that they dont see a DKIM record for my account. I added it last week as well as today and they are still saying it has not been propagated. Please help me resolve this issue asap.

What is the domain and DKIM selector (subdomain) you are using?

Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records?


You didn’t provide your domain name as requested.

And is that a space between the m and the a in the Name field? Remove that space – there should be no space a all.

If you would provide your domain as requested, we could run some checks and let you know of any issues that may be affecting your domain’s email deliverability.

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no there is no space between m and a.

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The DKIM record resolves OK…


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