DKIM record is not added in my e-mails

Hope to find a solution here. I did set up a DMARC and SPF record, but still can’t make a DKIM, although I followed every guideline I could find on internet.

To sum it up : I created a public key and added a TXT record with the public key in it. DMARCLY can easily find the key and everything, but every time I refresh the DNS on lemlist, lemlist doesn’t detect the DKIM, or should I say, there is no DKIM signature in my mails.

On some resources, I see a CNAME records, and it’s not said to do so on the lemlist guideline.

Can anyone help me with that please ?

DKIM is a two part process. You need to sign your emails, and also put the public keys in DNS.

It sounds like you need to start signing your email. This is not Cloudflare related, and how it is done entirely depends on what mail server you are using.

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Hi Michael, this is an interesting awnser, as no toturial provided such informations. Everyone just said “enter this key as a TXT record in your DNS setting and voila”.

The public key is already putted in the DNS, could you advise me on how to sign my emails ?

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This needs to be done by your email provider.


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