DKIM Record doesnt appear in CloudFlare



I’ve obtained and verified my DKIM record from my email hosting provider - rack space. I entered that record (verified by Rack space) in my registrars account dashboard.

When I switched to CF DNS, I see most of my host records, however my DKIM record is not visible in the dashboard.

Any thoughts? I did a test and switched back to my registrars DNS - verified the DKIM record was there in the host records, then switched back to CF and it’s gone.

I guess more of an annoyance, but it would be helpful to view all host records that have been entered,


All of your domains appear to have their DNS hosted by Cloudflare, so the DNS (DKIM) record should be entered in Cloudflare’s DNS, not in your registrar’s account Dashboard. There’s no synchronization between Cloudflare’s DNS servers and any other host/server/service as they are configured to be authoritative for your domain.


Thanks cscharff,

I think what was confusing me was some txt records transferred over. Some didnt.


Ah could be in the initial scan we got them. Also, when we do our initial scan when onboarding we can’t really sync them over, so we have a script that looks for the top 1800 records (more or less) and if they exist we create them on Cloudflare. For anyone with unique host names (I have a few of those) it requires either creating them manually or importing a BIND file.

Generally if it’s a business site my recommendation is import the BIND file anyway it’s more reliable than spot checking to make sure they are all there. Although I admit to having manually entered 100 entries or so before because I enjoy things like that (not really, but it needed to be done).

Glad it’s sorted for you though.