DKIM Record Are not propagated


I have added two CNAME records from mailchimp for DKIM authentication, but they are not propagated yet, I waited for 24 hours and more, but still not

Any clue what the problem is ?


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Set the Proxy status for the CNAME to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

If the Proxy status alone doesn’t fix it, you will need to provide the domain name, as well as the individual record(s) you’re having problems with, in order to troubleshoot it any further.

  1. What domain?

  2. What exact CNAME record(s) did you add?

Both k2._domainkey and k3._domainkey on that domain are properly pointing as a CNAME to the respective dkim label on the domain, exactly as you explain.

If you have just changed the Proxy status, you’re likely looking at some DNS propagation time until the DNS resolver that Mailchimp is using will see the change.

It seems to be working now, thanks alot, I appreciate your help

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