DKIM record - 1024 or 2048?

Hi I need to create a DKIM record for one of my domains whose DNS is in Cloudflare but need to know what Cloudflare support is it 1024 or 2048 please.

The key size 1024 or 2048, well, I remember older Postfix and Dovecot used 1024bit size key due to some limitations.
Newer versions, are fine and I usually generate 2048bit key size.
Also, there were some other limitations due to an for example Windows XP, etc.
Some other e-mail systems also do not recognize 2048bit key size and stick to 1024bit key size due to ensure compatibility with that “older” clients.

But, nowadays, I believe, just make sure your system accepts 2048 and you are good to go with 2048 key size.

Furthermore, regarding copy-paste, watch out for it, but also to note here some providers need the quotes, some don’t. It differs.

At Cloudflare, I have checked and the DKIM is without quotes (the value of the TXT record type at DNS tab) and I use 2048bit key size, working fine as far for now.

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