DKIM Not showing

Hi, i moved recently my website to cloudflare and since, my DKIM record is not working.

I am using mailjet to send emails and DKIM is not valide from their end. When testing DKIM via third party sites i have this error :
DNS error: unable to resolve

Here is my DKIM txt record :
Name : mailjet._domainkey
Content : k=rsa; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCpLbAiUDXNGUBGsX4C2w0uM/AFF4VjFMSRvZZvlapg37cm1YJfiyVmfrG1u+miEbmxl3GqvOIs3bw7TjAhJnG8ZLnWjmY2MBUZ4u3MIGNOcEGzeG6BiM17XKdPRq0IVqqvgj0evdLTNtY5rpMf7EdG2BvNz6GHktk8WZDtgSQWBQIDAQAB

Not sure how to solve this, any help from community ? :slight_smile:


Here is my DMARC TXT record :
Name : _dmarc
Content : v=DMARC1; p=quarantine; rua=mailto:[myemailhere]; ruf=mailto:[myemailhere]; fo=1; pct=59; adkim=s; aspf=r

Here is my SPF record :
v=spf1 -all is delegated to nameservers. Delete any NS records you have for _domainkey if you want to use DKIM records entered into your Cloudflare DNS.

dig +trace +nodnssec -4 txt

; <<>> DiG 9.18.18-0ubuntu0.22.04.2-Ubuntu <<>> +trace +nodnssec -4 txt
;; global options: +cmd
.			4522	IN	NS
.			4522	IN	NS
;; Received 239 bytes from in 0 ms

com.			172800	IN	NS
com.			172800	IN	NS
;; Received 860 bytes from in 3 ms	172800	IN	NS	172800	IN	NS
;; Received 382 bytes from in 7 ms 300 IN	NS 300 IN	NS
;; Received 117 bytes from in 7 ms

;; Received 70 bytes from in 11 ms
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