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I"m sending email from my website application in vb which is hosted on a different domain than my VPS. In order to fix the error that DKIM is not in alignment which I have received by sending an email to the mxtoolbox what is required? I authenticate to the VPS mail server and the email goes through it rather than the smtp of my website application.

The MX tools page says “There must be at least one aligned DKIM-Signature for the message to be considered aligned.”

I have placed a DKIM record at Cloudflare and also at my website application which sends out the mail over to the smtp server also? When I do this, I get this error. The message from header shows a different domain than the mail server domain. How am I supposed to tie in the email address from which I’m sending the email to the email server ?

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Other than publishing your DKIM record, Cloudflare has no relation to your DKIM signing, which places this topic outside of the scope of the Cloudflare Community. I can offer some suggestions to help move your search in the right direction.

Solving your problem is going to require a deeper understanding of DKIM and the difference between the RFC 5321 sender domain (sometimes known as the return-path) and the RFC 5322 sender domain, which is the one visible in the recipient’s email application. In order to have a valid DKIM signature, your mail server needs to be able to sign for the RFC 5322 sender domain. You will need to work this out with your mailserver operator.

If the Cloudflare Learning article does not cover enough, you may find the resources at dmarcian helpful.

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