DKIM needs upgrading per email host

I have the DKIM update needed for my email host and know that is a DNS text record, but I have 2 now and need to know if I add or which to replace??
or is there an automatic updating possible?

You should only have one for a specific DNS entry. For example: default._domainkey is one I use. And I only have one with the DKIM key. So I suggest you replace the old one with the new one. But keep a copy of the old one just in case.

I use to test my mail anti-spam settings.

Thanks! I think what may be happening is that what looked like 2 entries is one split .


If you’re using Office 365 for Business and also sending mail from your web host, you’ll also have two CNAME records for selector1._domainkey & selector2._domainkey.


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