DKIM key not detected

I have my websites hosted on a cpanel server, all of the domains are behind Cloudflare. In which format do I need to add the keys?

Example 1:


Example 2: (This format gives an error on Free DKIM Validator. Test Your DKIM Key - dmarcian - The DKIM record should not start or end with a double quote. Remove the extra double quote(s).

"v=DKIM1;k=rsa;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAu7eq+v48u39deVs0kxaDQ1/gZymGOnAkYyScOipqQ8YZAre8JbjhZSV695bx3uFAckr0dBGkdZaQfMNH4KEJ3O8+P1o6pBuoGLmpLg6dQ7P1uuiSB/hYex1m0dcsVXn6hhw25eN1ACxOtA19wcEhbZfifwK/TCk3nWpZ1cePZ0rjKpYAMbpPyrBrci2nHJ9w+jA" "dj1Ye36ghUtitQ/cuPlYwMWS6rei7LCO2vsCdMk7biUvdtvmTHUXrOmZb5P8yLugbFzwhWwAn+C3e2RPCBQf8ROvcYInsSNkW74Slv49BN5uBhDjVc/z2m1M1oTtW5VkYoY2alR12uVK2SPhxpwIDAQAB;"

I have tested both of these keys and DKIM always fails even though the Example 1 shows up as valid in Free DKIM Validator. Test Your DKIM Key - dmarcian

Use Example 1. It has no line breaks, and no quotation marks. And try removing the ; from the end. I checked mine and they just end with the QAB

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As @sdayman replied, it breaks here "" (the quotes goes to the new line) while generating or copy-paste (known issue at IONOS interface).


I have modified the TXT record as stated. But the results shows that I’m not fully authenticated. And there’s no Signed by message in Gmail. Do I need to split the record?

It looks like Cloudflare DNS is working exactly as it should. So there’s something wrong with your mail host setup.

As this is beyond the scope of Cloudflare support, I suggest you contact them to find out why it’s not authenticating. But if you post a link to the mail-tester result, I can take a quick look.

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Also you could get some “issue result” for having DKIM enabled (some 0.x point lower score).

Maybe due to some cache. Wait for an hour and check again.

No, as already stated.

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