DKIM issues with Keap Pro (can't get email to verify)

I am a Groovefunnels client and use Cloudflare as the hosting gateway for my website and KeapPro as my email automation provider. I need to get my email verified by KeapPro by adding a DKIM record to my cloudflare DNS records which I have done.

I have added a CNAME DKIM record to my free Cloudflare DNS record (as per KeapPro directions) trying to verify with the proxy on and off. Neither work. Keap advised I need to talk to Cloudflare and Cloudflare support suggests posting in the community. Can anyone help?

Hi @karen14,

Can you share the domain name and the record that you have been asked to add?

The proxy will need to be off (:grey:) for it to work.

Thanks for responding here are the details
Record: Cname
Value = 987d1abf-0f67-4161-8342-955706fecc56._domainkey
Target =
TTL = Auto
Proxy = off

Are you sure this is not meant to be

Yes it should be…but when I use this Cloudfare gives an authentication error (code 10000) so was advised to change to

Who advised you to do this? There is no DNS record at, so I cannot see what using that is intended to do.

Are you getting Error 10000 from the API from from the Dashboard?

I was advised by Keap Support.
Error comes from the Cloudflare dashboard. It won’t let me edit or delete the current DNS record to change it to .

What happens when you click on the record?

And did you remember to do this:

Yes Proxy set to off.
When I click on the record it opens, I can make changes but they will not save or allow me to delete the record.

Try the usual: Clear browser; incognito mode; different browser; different device.

Or push harder with API calls, but that’s a lot of hoops to jump through:

Thank you - had to wait 2 days so all caches were cleared. Then updated the record and now have verification :slight_smile:

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