DKIM for Zoho Mail

I use Cloudfare to manage DNS. Following the steps from Zoho Mail, the domain setting was successful for MX and SPF, but not for DKIM (based on Zoho Toolkit).

Please advice for the solution.


Achmad Barlian

You need to add the DKIM records that Zoho provides to the DNS tab of Cloudflare’s Dashboard.

Thank you for your response, of course I have added a TXT record to the Cloudfare DNS according to the data from Zoho, but the Zoho Tool Kit states DKIM has not been configured

What’s the full hostname of that TXT record?

If the record matches, then it’s something for Zoho to deal with. Can you share a screenshot of the record?


I’m sure the data is correct between the one from Zoho and the one I entered into Cloudfare because I copied and pasted


ok, I have also emailed Zoho support.

Thank you for your help

That’s not the full hostname. The domain part is missing.

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thanks for the answer, I just followed the data from Zoho, is it necessary to create new DKIM data on Zoho and then input it into Cloudfare?

Cloudflare will broadcast whatever DNS record you add. If Zoho wants a different record, you’ll have to get that information from them.

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okay, I’m still waiting for an explanation from Zoho

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