DKIM for subdomain

I am new to Cloudflare and looking for a guide that can help us setting up a subdomain, and add a DKIM for this subdomain.
I think I have figured out how to set up subdomain, but adding a DKIM? Anyone?

I have looked into:
#6 in this guide dont exist for us.
Is there another guide somewhere?

Hi @harald1,

Do you have the DKIM record that you need from your mail host? If not, you will need that first.

You will then want to add a TXT record at Cloudflare with the details they gave you.

The guide you linked to appears to be for setting it up when Cloudflare is configured through a specific hosting partner.

Thanks a lot for your reply @domjh
Yes we got the DKIM record needed.
The problem is that it appears to be active for our domein, and not our subdomain.
So the question is more like what the Name of the TXT record should be like to add DKIM to the subdomain.

Lets say we want to add DKIM for subdomain My understanding is that we need to create a TXT record with the name “market” only. Is that right?

The name of the text record needs to be where the value for ‘selector’ needs to be obtained from your mail provider (eg for GSuite the selector is ‘google’ so the name of the text record would be

Thank you @saul
Looks like this was the answer:)

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