DKIM for O365 mail will not work and DKIM verification get failed

DKIM validation fails after setup DKIM (CNAME). I’ve contacted Microsoft Support to look at the configuration and it was fine, they asked me to check with the DNS service side(Cloudflare) on how to configure DKIM and the status of the DKIM signature.

Hello there,

I think DMARCIAN can be a aid for you if you want the right one to configure:

For rest of the record, please check this #tutorial


I came back and check after weekend, DKIM seems to be working fine. I tested and DKIM validation passed. Thank you.

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Thanks for the update!

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Was having issue adding new DKIM using CNAME but would not work
and was not verified by any tools

Changing status from Proxied to DNS only solved problem immediately
the free tool on mxtoolbox then showed was all set up correctly

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