DKIM for MailChimp

MailChimp is not picking up our DKIM. Nor are other check DKIM sites.

I’ve read five or six postings here on this issue, but haven’t been able to resolve my problem.

My exported settings includes the line 1 IN CNAME

I’m a programmer, but not an IT guy.

Any suggestions on how to get my DKIM record published properly?


Thanks, Sandro, for taking the time to show me the search command.

As I mentioned in my original post, I had read previous postings on this topic (and now, I’ve read more at your prompting.)

I still need help though.

My CloudFlare DSN screen looks like this:

But doesn’t find anything for


How I have set the record up improperly?

Thanks in advance.

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And what is not clear about the search entries? The second (respectively, now with your thread, third) entry gives you the right answer.

What sort order are you using on the search results screen, sandro?

Or even better, how about just providing me with the direct URL of the post, or at least the thread’s title.

Default order. I would expect it to show up on your end in the same order. Does it not?

The CNAME needs to be :grey: not :orange: as in your screen grab.

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Hi, Michael,

Thank you so much for the clear answer.

That worked. The DKIM record is now showing up properly in And mailchimp has been able to read it.

THANKS again for answering my question so directly.