DKIM Fail when receiving an email

Hello Community !

Have my DNS @ Cloudflare, and created the TXT entries for both SPF and DKIM according to the hosting mail provider (copy and paste in Cloudflare)

SPF works just fine (no errors), however I am getting DKIM failures :

dkim=fail [email protected] header.s=default header.b=“GoJZ0+y/”;

I notice the text between quotes after header.b are the same initial characters at the beginning of the public key published

I check with my mail provider and everything looks ok …

Any ideas ?



Your DKIM TXT record is invalid. It contains a sequence in the middle of the key that looks like: dvuM" "\" \"gfFoU

It may work if you remove everything from the first quote mark to the last quote mark, or else just try again to create it and make sure there are no extraneous characters in the key field.


That was IT !!!

Actually NOW I understand why the mail hosting offered the DKIM record either “Full” or “Split”.

Problem solved …

Thank you very much for that



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