DKIM Fail for outgoing emails for Google Workspace accounts

We are using Google Workspace for email functionality for the selected domain. Some of our clients are getting the email sent from us moved into Spam due to DKIM Signature Body Hash Verification failure. We have setup the TXT record for DKIM signature generated from Google DKIM Authentication but still it is failing

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If Google confirms that the public key in your Cloudflare DNS matches, that is the extent of the Cloudflare related troubleshooting available.

One of the more common causes of DKIM body signatures being invalidated is modification of the message by a downstream system. If a boilerplate legal notice is added to all emails after they have been DKIM signed, that will alter the signature.

I recommend the dmarcian forum for discussion of email authentication issues. Google has a Workspace Admin Community that may be able to help.

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