Dkim dmarc

Friends. I’m having difficulties configuring the DKIM and DMARC of the subdomain

Can you help me?

The main domain is correctly configured for DKIM and DMARC.

The subdomain is wrong .

I’ve already contacted Google 2 days ago and put the DKIM through the admin panel.



What can I do?


Are you actually using email addresses from ?

If so, can you please post a screenshot of your DKIM and DMARC record from the Cloudflare DNS page?

You should have TXT record for _dmarc.ava
As for the DKIM record, that’s determined by your mail host, so I’m not sure what that should look like for you.

I find that does a pretty good job of verifying records, and is good for testing an actual email sent out.

Thakns your.
yes. actually using email addresses from `

Cloudflare is publishing that TXT record as entered. Personally, I think it’s backwards (ava._domainkey), but I’ve not tried DKIM on a subdomain.

It doesn’t look like you have a _dmarc record for the subdomain.

These are questions for a mail admin forum, as Cloudflare DNS is doing exactly what you’re telling it to do.

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The DKIM hostname format is:


Usually Google Workspace uses google as the DKIM Selector.
The FQDN in this case, is the part after the @ in the email address.

So, in your case both the selector and the subdomain seems to be ava, as per this screenshot:

So, on cloudflare, Nome would be:

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