Dkim, dmarc, spf record not working webuzo

This system does not control DNS for the server…com domain. You can add the suggested dkim, dmarc, spf record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you add this record, this change will not be effective . Contact the person responsible for the and nameservers and request that they update

DNS records can be added/modified/deleted over here:

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I configured everything but I don’t receive the emails and I can’t send them:

  1. What domain?

  2. What exact error code(s)/message(s) do you see?

What exactly do you mean with this IP address?

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2 error connection
3 ip vps

You don’t have an MX record so you need to set one in order to receive email. Your SPF record implies you send email from an IP address (your own mail server?) and also Google so your MX records will be for one of those. You also probably need to set the mail subdomain to “DNS only” and not “proxied”.

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The IP address above does seem to run an Exim mail server.

It is presenting itself as being

When looking at the IP address you mention above, the Reverse DNS (PTR) record for that IP address is currently

However, the domain does not exist, and as such, there is obviously no Forward DNS (AAAA / A) records for the host name.

Due to this mismatch, every mail server out there will literally be refusing your deliveries.

  1. Add the proper Forward DNS (A) record, for to point back the mentioned IP address.

  2. Contact your hosting provider, apparently Namecheap, and have them help you update the Reverse DNS (PTR) record to, for the mentioned IP address.

If you want to use the mail subdomain, as @sjr indicate, you can also do that, in that case, just substitute with above.

However, if you’re taking that route, you should also update the Exim configuration on your Namecheap server, so that it will match

Are you …

  1. Also using the PAID Google Workspace to send emails?

  2. Only using your own mail server to send emails?

If #2, then find your SPF record in Cloudflare, which is currently:

v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: -all

And then replace it with:

v=spf1 ip4: -all
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