DKIM diconnecting

Hoping to get some help on something that has been driving me crazy!
I’m not the most tech savvy but I’ve done pretty well, I think!

I have a newsletter set up on my site through Mailster. (Very annoying to set up but I did it.)
I have CloudFare’s DNS settings correctly entered with my DKIM codes.
I also have to use Amazon’s SES service to send the newsletters.

Here’s the thing: I actually have no clue what I’m doing but I’m smart enough to follow directions. I’ve set this up and the newsletter sends - everything is connected and works great! YAY!

BUT 3 days later, I get an email from Amazon SES stating "We have not been able to detect the required CNAME records in your DNS settings. "

I haven’t touched the info in Cloudfare, it’s there.

How does this happen? How to fix it? :frowning:
People aren’t getting my optin approval emails (GDPR nightmare now) and then they aren’t getting my welcome email either!

HALP. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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